Tongue Tied Twisted | The Inspiration for Tongue Tied & Twisted
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The Inspiration for Tongue Tied & Twisted

Tongue Tied & Twisted is a new production from Black Country Touring and Peter Chand, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Creative Black Country. The show has been inspired by local Asian Elder groups whose members gave up their time to re-tell the stories from their youth. Many of the stories collected will feature in the final production and go onto an online archive to be made available to future generations. Here Suraksha Asar, one of the group leaders discusses the impact of the project on her group:

It was a pleasure that Peter and Dawinder came to our group for story telling. It was very interesting for our ladies and they were very exited to think about a topic which used to be very dear to them when they were very young. I remember when I was young we all used to sleep on the roof in summer, our uncle used to tell us very interesting stories. All cousins, brothers and sisters used to enjoy the stories which were some time fairy tales, historical stories, religious stories, kings and queens stories, scary stories. We were all mesmerised while listening to the stories. All the ladies remember their childhood time, when their grandparents used to tell them the stories of their liking. Some childhood memories came to us when Dawinder and Peter came to the group. They brought us our childhood happiness, Smile, enjoyment back to us. The smile on ladies faces was indescribable. Even the very shy ladies took courage and told their favourite story of their childhood. Our stories usually have a moral or a lesson at the end which has a great effect on the mind of young children. They also want to become like the hero of the story. Our old stories not only entertain the children but also build their characters. The stories we tell them teach them not to become thieves, liars cowards and so on. I say big thank you to Peter and Dawinder to brighten up the atmosphere of the group and to bring the smile on the ladies faces. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thank you.

By Suraksha Asar
Group leader for Tettenhall Asian Womens Group

The opening night of Tongue Tied & Twisted will be on Thursday 26th May at The Oak House Museum in West Bromwich – limited spaces are available so call 0121 553 0759 to book tickets.