Tongue Tied Twisted | Swarn Kaur – Aflatoon
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Swarn Kaur – Aflatoon.

Aflatoon used to make statues of himself. [I’ll tell you as much as I know]. When it came to the last moments of his life he received a message from God that he was coming to collect him that day.

Aflatoon, picked up a long garland and put it over all the statues. He thought to himself I am not ready to die or go to God. Let’s see if they recognise me when God finally sends for me. Let us see if the messenger who comes for me can identify the real me, with all the other full-sized Aflatoons around!

The messenger arrives and looks at so many Aflatoons and thinks “How am I going to identify the real Aflatoon?” The messenger said to God, “There are so many Aflatoons in front of me, who should I ask?”

God said to the messenger, “You should start praising the statues and praise the person who has created them, but say that there is one statue with a crooked nose.”

As soon as the messenger said that, the human Aflatoon spoke out and said “Which one?”

That is how he got caught. No one can hide from God. [This is as much as I know about the story].

Group Zero