Tongue Tied Twisted | Suraksha Asar – The Sly Cat
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Suraksha Asar – The Sly Cat.

[I am going to tell you a story. The lesson you will learn is that you should not believe everything you hear.]

Once there was a girl who was eating roti (Indian bread). A hungry crow grabbed the roti from the girl, flew off and sat in a tree. As well as the crow there was also very hungry cat, who couldn’t decide what she would like to eat. She saw the crow with the roti in his beak and thought that she must do something about this.

She told the crow that he sang beautifully and requested him to sing a song. The crow remained quiet and thought that he should eat his roti. The cat then praised the crow’s singing and said he sang so beautifully the other day and that she wishes to hear the crow sing once more. This pleased the crow who felt that the cat was praising his singing.

The crow decided he would sing for the cat. As soon as the crow opened his beak the roti fell out and the cat picked it up, ate it and walked away.

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