Tongue Tied Twisted | Roshan Jain – The Snake & The Diamonds
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Roshan Jain – The Snake & The Diamonds.

There once was a woman who had nine diamonds. She gave them to one of her relatives for safe keeping. Her relative hid them in a safe place. After some time, the woman returned and asked her relative for the diamonds. The relative said that she had never been given any diamonds for safe keeping and that the woman was lying. The woman left crying and after some time died and was reborn as a snake. The woman who was looking after the diamonds had seven sons. When the first son got married and came back through the door, the snake bit him and he died. In total, four of the woman’s sons died like this. When the fifth child got married, a holy person said to the bride-to-be “When you reach the house a snake will appear. Ask the homeowners to return its diamonds.” The fifth child got married and the woman asked her father-in-law to bring the diamonds before the snake. The father-in-law denied he had any diamonds. The bride-to-be said that four of his children were already dead and by not returning the diamonds the fifth would die too. The father-in-law became scared and brought the diamonds. When the snake came to bite the fifth child, the bride-to-be requested that the snake drink some milk that was offered and take the diamonds. The snake agreed and took the diamonds and never returned.

Roshan Jain – The Lucky Brother

There was a man with four sons: the first boy was scared of doing work; the second and third boys were lazy. The fourth boy was born very lucky because when his father went to bury the placenta from his birth he dug a hole and found a box of gold coins. When he returned home he told his wife what had happened. They chose to name him Tanak (Money) Kumar. When Tanak was around seven years old, a diamond salesman came to the door, he said that whomever bought his diamond would be very lucky. Tanak told his father to buy the diamond and pay whatever the salesman asked.

Tanak took the diamond to the town and sat outside the shop as a ship was docked nearby. Through the window of the shop the lucky son read a letter for someone from the ship. Tanak walked to the shipyard and was told that everything on the ship had been sold except some gold shells but they are covered in dirt. The shipyard worker asked him to pay whatever he thought it was right. Tanak gave the shipyard worker 5 gold coins. When the boy returned home he showed his Dad but his brothers laughed and mocked him for buying soil. Tanak asked his father for a knife and when he had scraped off the dirt they saw they were solid gold.

Meanwhile someone had visited the king and was asking for a specific type of soil. The king announced that everybody in the village should check to see if they have that type of soil. Tanak came forward as that was the type of soil around the gold shells he had bought. The king asked Tanak how much he would accept for the soil. He replied “whatever you think is fair.” When he

returned home he showed his brothers the money he had made and his brothers were jealous. He gave himself and his brothers three hundred gold coins each and suggested they all try to make money.

Tanak went to spend his money and came across a crowd. The crowd were gathered around a man selling sheep. He noticed one of the sheep looked like a pedigree sheep although it was a bit scrawny. He bought the sheep. When he was walking with the sheep he came across a prince with a sheep. The prince suggested his sheep could beat Tanak’s sheep and challenged him to a fight. Tanak questioned the prince how much he was willing to offer. The prince offered 700 gold coins. The sheep fought and Tanak’s won. When he asked for the money the prince offered to buy the sheep. Tanak asked for more money and the prince agreed. When Tanak returned home he told them he had bought a sheep and sold a sheep and showed them the money he made, his parents were very happy but again his brothers were jealous.

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