Tongue Tied Twisted | Pusha Puri – The Loyal Mongoose
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Pusha Puri – The Loyal Mongoose.

A farmer, his wife and child lived in a village where he had been working as a farmer for a long time. Whilst working on one occasion he found a mongoose and was very happy. He took the mongoose home and said to his wife that we will look after it and it will grow up with our child. So look after it and we will make it a member of the family.

The wife took great care of him but he always used to sit next to the child and the wife did not like this as she was worried that the mongoose may cause harm or bite the child, even though she looked after him. She then asked her husband if he could release the mongoose as he may cause harm to their child. He said “This is a good animal and it will look after our child, so do not worry.” However, the wife continued to be concerned.

One day the wife had to go out, she said to her husband “I want to go out so look after the child and make sure he does not get bitten.”

The husband said, “No need to worry as he will never harm our child.” The wife didn’t agree and still expressed concern, the husband accepted and didn’t go to work on the farm and remained with the child. Shortly, one of the farmer’s friends came and said “Let’s go out.” The farmer said he couldn’t but the friend was insistent and the farmer went out, leaving the mongoose and his child alone.

Shortly after, a snake came into the house and went past the child’s pram. The mongoose bit the snake and killed it. When the wife returned she saw the mongoose was walking around near the child and saw that he had blood around his mouth. She thought the worst, she thought he had killed her child and quickly in anger picked up a rock and killed the mongoose. The wife was very upset, she went to check on her child and saw that he was playing. She then felt ashamed and regretful and went to go and check on the mongoose, but the baby mongoose was dead.

By this time her husband had returned and asked her “Why are you crying?” She explained and he then said “You shouldn’t be so quick to take decisions without checking or thinking through properly and now you have killed him. This baby mongoose saved our child!”

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t take any action or decision without thoroughly assessing everything.

Group Five