Tongue Tied Twisted | Mohinder Kaur – The Leper of Amritsar
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Mohinder Kaur – The Leper of Amritsar.

There once lived a king who had seven daughters. One day he asked them who provided them with their food. Six out of the seven daughters replied that their father did. The seventh daughter said that God gave her all her food. The king decided to teach his daughter a lesson to see if her God would provide for her. He ordered his servants to go out and find such a man who wouldn’t be able to work. They found her a man disabled by leprosy and they were married. Her husband was placed in a cart and the daughter was given the rope to pull the cart back to their home. The daughter went from village to village pulling the cart and begging for food for her and her husband.

On reaching Amritsar Lake, the daughter placed the cart and her husband near a shrub by the lake. She then went into the nearby village to beg for food. Black crows would dip into the lake and

come out white. After observing this, the husband decided to bathe in the lake, keeping one finger out which held onto a branch. He was transformed.

On her return, the wife got a surprise seeing a man other than her husband sitting on the cart. She questioned him, cried and scolded him asking if he’d thrown her husband somewhere. The man replied that he was in fact her husband but his wife didn’t believe him.

He needed to convince her that he was telling the truth so he asked her to accompany him to see Guru Ramdas who would confirm his identity. Guru Ramdas told her that this man was in fact her husband and he showed her the one unaffected finger as proof. The daughter finally believed him. Her father the king arrived. He told her he wasn’t fit to rule and everything was now hers.

The king was humbled and now believed that God provided everything.

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