Tongue Tied Twisted | Krishna Gupta – The Good & The Bad Parrot
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Krishna Gupta – The Good & The Bad Parrot.

[The point of my story is what happens when you are in good company or bad company.]

The story starts with a king. Once, a king was going through a bazaar (market) sitting in his coach and he saw a man selling two parrots. The man was shouting out, “One parrot for 5 rupees and one parrot for five hundred rupees.”

The king asked the man, “How is it that one parrot is five rupees and the other is five hundred rupees? What is the difference?”

The man replied, “My lord if you take them home you will see the difference as to why the other is so expensive.” The king bought both the birds.

Once home, the king asked his minister to put the five rupee bird in his bedroom so that he could work out the difference. The bird was kept in his room and in the morning the parrot woke up and starting swearing loudly. After listening for a while the king got fed up with it abusive language and said “Throw this parrot out. Constantly listening to it can be a bad influence.” That night the king told his minister to put the five hundred rupee bird in his room.

The next morning the parrot started singing prayers, hymns and reciting God’s name. The king was very happy and said “This parrot is very good, he sings hymns, talks about God and recites mantras so we will keep him.” He then confirms that he will keep the five hundred rupee bird and get rid of the five rupee bird.

As the five rupee parrot was about to be thrown out the five hundred rupee parrot pleaded with the king. “Please do not throw him out. He is my younger brother and he has been influenced by bad company. We were together but he flew off and stayed with bad people and picked up their bad behaviour. I stayed with good people and so my habits are good. Please bring him back and he will be reformed once he is with me and in your good company.”

So this is what happens when you are in bad or good company. If you are with good- hearted people your influences will be good. If you are in bad company, you will pick up bad habits.

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