Tongue Tied Twisted | Kamljeet Kaur – The Greedy Sparrow
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Kamljeet Kaur – The Greedy Sparrow.

Once there was a sparrow that had some rice and a crow that had some dhal (lentils). They combined the ingredients and made some kitcheree. When the kitcheree was cooked, the crow suggested that they both take a bath.

The crow took his time taking a long bath, whereas the sparrow was quick and returned to the food. She ate all the kitcheree, washed and dried the saucepan and then hid from the crow. Soon after the crow returned and started looking for the kitcheree and found the empty saucepan. He looked for the sparrow and started to wonder where she had gone.

When the crow finally found the sparrow he heated up an iron rod and put it on the sparrow’s bottom. The sparrow started to whimper and cry, saying that her bottom was burnt. “Ooh oh, why did I eat someone else’s kitcheree, someone else’s share! Ooh oh, why did I eat someone else’s kitcheree, someone else’s share!”

Group Four