Tongue Tied Twisted | Jagir Kaur – The Raja & The Guru
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Jagir Kaur – The Raja & The Guru.

There was a king called Janak. He stated that he would only make someone his guru (teacher) if they came forward in the time it takes him to mount his horse. If he couldn’t find someone, he refused to worship any guru. No one came forward as they viewed the opportunity with suspicion. Next, an old crippled man came forward, the people laughed at the idea, stating that the man could hardly walk, looked a mess, and questioned how he could be a guru. The king laughingly asked if the old crippled man could be his guru. The old crippled man agreed that he would instruct the king on the proviso that he gave him three things: his mind, his money and his soul. The king was unsure of this and said that he would ask his three ranis (queens). The youngest rani wasn’t happy about this and said that the king could not give the old man their money as they would end up poor. Another rani told the king that he could not give the old man his soul as they would no longer have anything of the king. He then agreed to give the old man his mind. The old man agreed to just take the king’s mind in order to be his guru. Then when the king tried to mount his horse he wasn’t able to, as his mind didn’t want to – because the old man now controlled his mind. At this point the king understood and accepted the role of his new guru.

Group Four