Tongue Tied Twisted | Baldev Kaur – Sheikh Chilly Story
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Baldev Kaur – Sheikh Chilly Story

There once was a man who talked too much. His name was Sheikh Chilli. One day he was sat in a tree cutting the branch that he was sitting on. A man who was passing by saw him and told him that he would fall if he continued cutting the branch. Sheikh Chilli said to the man “How can you know this, are you God? He ignored the man and continued cutting the branch and fell to the ground with a big bang.

Instead of worrying about his fall he ran after the man “Wait, wait, you’re God!” The man replied that he wasn’t God and “Any sensible person would know about the likely fall.” Sheikh Chilli insisted that the man was indeed God, otherwise how could he have known he would fall. The man thought that Sheikh Chilli must be mad. And just then Sheikh Chilli insisted he tell him when he was going to die. In order to get rid of him the stranger said “You will die on the eighth day!”

Sheikh Chilli cooked a vast amount of rotis (Indian bread) and collected a lot of water. He also dug himself a grave and decided that he would spend his last days in it, seeing as he was dying anyway.

Meanwhile, a travelling couple who were carrying many things including a pot of ghee on their head, passed the grave and mentioned that it would be nice if someone was around to carry their pot and they would pay that person too. Sheikh Chilli spoke from the grave “If I was alive I would have carried it for you, but I am dead.” Having heard him the couple looked around to see where the voice came from, but they couldn’t see anyone. The man in the grave shouted that he was dead and told the couple where he was. The couple looked at him and told him that he was absolutely fine and not dead at all. They told him to get up and see the world around him, and if he was able to do so, then in fact he wasn’t dead after all.

Sheikh Chilli got up and realised he wasn’t dead after all. He agreed to carry their pot of ghee for one rupee. He was very pleased with this and whilst carrying the pot on his head he started to imagine about what he could do with one rupee. He decided he would buy eggs which would someday hatch. The chicks would grow and he would sell the chickens. With the money he would buy goats and they would have kids and he would sell them to buy cows. Once he had sold the cows he would buy an elephant. With his elephant he would visit the king in his palace. The king would be impressed by him and would then allow Sheikh Chilli to marry his daughter. They would have children and then grandchildren. He would then sit with a hookah (pipe) in his room and his grandchildren would call him to have his tea. He would tell them to “Get lost!” At this point he kicked out. The pot of ghee he was carrying came crashing down. The couple started protesting “You’ve broken our pot and our ghee is ruined.”

Sheikh Chilli replied “You’ve only lost your ghee, my whole family is ruined.”

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